Tuluttut – blog o niczym

Tuluttut – blog about nothing, mostly in Polish.


Mała rzecz, a cieszy. Cóż, późno jest.

Connecting to server…
You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
A word of advice: „asl” is boring. Please find something more interesting to talk about!
You: *pip*
Stranger: what?
You: Just a pip.
Stranger: what’s a pip?
You: the sound you hear when you call somebody
Stranger: no no no, i hear *ring ring*
Stranger: your telephone is different
You: yes, sure it is
Stranger: it is a „special” telephone
You: in which way?
Stranger: in a not normal way
You: So, it isn’t a regular phone. Should have suspected that before.
Stranger: yeah, you go back to the guy who sold you that telephone and tell him that your telephone says *pip* instead of *ring ring*, i’m sure that’ll work
Stranger: it might result in several injuries though
You: okay, gonna try it
You: *pip*
You have disconnected.



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