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Does Kim Jong-Il have a mobile phone?

Kim Jong-Il watches a soccer match - picture courtesy Reuters/KCNA

Kim Jong-Il watches a soccer match

I saw the photo above on one of the Polish news sites, and realized one thing doesn’t match to usual look of the North Korean pictures. What does this little thing in front of Kim do here? And what the hell is it?

For me, it looks like a mobile phone (cell phone), but might be anything else. Do you have any suggestions what might it be?

If it’s a mobile, is that Kim’s personal phone? Some time ago North Korean Economy Watch wrote about Orascom Telecom making a mobile network in the capital. I wonder if this phone is connected to the Orascom network or maybe is using the old GSM network, officially banned for the regular citizens in 2004. Any hints?


3 responses to “Does Kim Jong-Il have a mobile phone?

  1. Walker 2 listopada 2008 o 15:36

    I’m just guessing, but what if Kim and his army have an internal mobile network? I think it’s pretty possible.

  2. Walker 2 listopada 2008 o 17:27

    Oh, I’ve almost forgotten…

    I’m glad you finally decided to put some words in English. I’ve been waiting for this since your beginning.

  3. Super Filagra Uk 19 września 2013 o 05:01

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